Gen Z isn’t coming tomorrow...
We’re already here.

Why Us

  • We are Gen Z
    The Rayze Consulting team is entirely composed of high school and college kids in Gen Z, making us the ideal source for any consulting you may need about Gen Z.
  • We cater to your needs
    Rayze Consulting customizes its services for its clients. Whether you need a simple consultation or a whole new marketing strategy Rayze has a solution for you!
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Gen Z Statistics

  • 143 Billion Dollars
    Gen Z Spending Power
  • 72,000,000
    Population of Gen Z
  • 8 Second
    Attention Span
  • 32%
    of Total Population are Gen Z

Our Services


We can conduct the research that needs to be done to analyze the current market and opportunities that can be sought to attract Gen Z customers for your business.

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Ideation and Analyzation

Once detailed research on the market is complete, next is thinking of ideas to market to Gen Z and analyzing their efficiency.

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After ideation and analyzation, execution is the next step, to implement the ideas

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We believe that every organization should the most optimized they could be, with our specialized services we help them reach that goal.

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Customers love us

Work with Us

"We developed a great partnership with Rayze Consulting and their dedication was evident throughout the entire engagement. Gen Z is an extremely difficult group to built loyalty and trust with. Rayyan, Sahil and the rest of Rayze Consulting helped develop our strategy and curate a unique message to connect with high school students. Our team appreciated their attention to detail as well as helping us think outside the box."

Alex Miles
CEO of SportsHi

"Rayze Consulting has done a great job in assisting our clients with consulting on building their online business and brand. Their insights into software development, analytics, and e commerce management is extremely helpful. We believe based on their advice our business has earned more impressions and conversions"

Sean Salci
Partner at Maxx Consulting

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