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Our Story

In June 2020, Rayyan and Sahil wanted to do something to help small businesses. They ended up with an idea to help local small businesses go online. They had two main services: social media marketing and website development. Over time, Rayyan and Sahil realized that the amount of small businesses that needed help was steadily declined as more and more businesses got accustomed to being online.

And then...

At that point, Rayyan and Sahil began to search for new things to do. One of their mentors suggested the Gen Z marketing field as it was still relatively new and had a lot of room to grow. They mostly put the idea to the side until they say a new marketing campaign by a large company that had engaged terribly with Gen Z. They set off to do research and since September 2020 they’ve been helping brands connect with Gen Z.

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rayze consulting researching on a prject and executing the marleting technique


Rayze Consulting customizes its Gen Z Consulting services for its clients. Whether you need a simple consultation or a whole new marketing strategy Rayze has a solution for you! Check below:

teenagers having fun by expalining and talking about youth marketing
“Rather than asking, 'how do engage youth?'' we should be asking, 'how do we break down the walls that prevent youth from engaging us?'”
- Graham Brown.